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We’ve Been There

We’ve been to where you want to go! And have had the opportunity to enjoy the destinations, hotels and resorts in our TripWitz collection. There’s no substitution for first hand experience and knowledge. We are continually sending our Destinations Specialists around the world to inspect, experience, and enjoy the most luxurious beach destinations Planet Earth has to offer.

The Finest Hotels and Resorts

We strive to make our clients feel at home when they are travelling and understand the importance of being wowed and impressed when you arrive at your hotel. Our Destination Experts have the expertise and first hand experience to advise you on the best value luxury hotels. Our Clients enjoy affordable luxury accommodations all carefully selected to suit their personal taste.

The strong business and personal relationship we have developed with these hotels will guarantee customer satisfaction and flexible reservations. Our clients will especially appreciate our exclusive amenities, such as complimentary upgrades, welcome cocktails, special views and much more.

Preferred Status with Travel Suppliers

After being in the traveling industry for over 30 years, you can rest assured that our staff has established valuable relationships with distinguished Airlines, Hotels and Resorts. TripWitz has been awarded the opportunity to serve as members of many high-end networks and programs such as: the Ritz Carlton Stars, The Hyatt, Four Seasons, and many other luxury travel suppliers. These exclusive, invitation-only relationships are limited to the most prestigious travel agencies and consultants worldwide. Due to these relationships, we can offer our clients upgrades, amenities, and privileges that allow us to craft the perfect traveling experience for you.

Our Value Added Extras

In addition to the personalized and time saving service, our Destination Specialists will provide you with value you can’t put a price on. Your personiazed Specialist will provide you with recommendations to just the right restaurant, golf course, or that off the beaten path once in a life time activity that’s perfect just for you

Unbiased Recommendations

Our Destination Specialists work for you, not the hotel or airline. Consequently, between our first hand experience and feedback from our Clients, we’ll provide you with recommendations that make sense for you. Obviously, when speaking or booking with the travel supplier directly, you’re likely to get a very biased opinion and run the risk of a disappointing vacation experience.

Client Advocacy

If you experience a problem before during or after your trip, we’ll act on your behalf as your personal travel advocate. In addition, TripWitz is part of a larger travel industry group that carries a lot of clout. We can accomplish more – better and faster- than any one consumer can.

Specialized Services


Advanced Activity Bookings

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