Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo


Set against lush green mountains, this tropical beauty offers all the modern comforts of luxury resorts, and all the charm of a sleepy seaside village. Located only seven kilometers apart, Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo combine to deliver the best of both worlds. Travel to Ixtapa invites you to experience some of the best watersports on the southwest coast of Mexico, plus award winning golf courses and a wide variety of luxurious accommodations.

Zihuatanejo is a classic Mexican pueblo... unpretentious and serene. Explore centuries of tradition along the cobblestone streets as you uncover intriguing native markets and seaside cafes. Lay back, pick up the pace or do a little of both and enjoy two great vacations in one.

Transportation to Ixtapa Island is available daily via boats that leave frequently from downtown Zihua and downtown Ixtapa. For Ixtapa family vacations, boat fees can be purchased in advance or as part of an Ixtapa vacation package, or at a ticket booth on the pier. Fees are moderate, and often when purchases as part of an Ixtapa vacation package, tickets costs will be reduced. Be sure to ask when planning Ixtapa Mexico vacations about trips to Ixtapa Island and other boat tours.

The degree of privacy on Ixtapa Island beaches varies. Boats arriving from Ixtapa or Zihua usually land on Cuachalalate beach, so called for a type of medicinal tree that only grows on that section of the island. This primary beach has the most construction, but is a great place for Ixtapa family vacations, as many couples and families spend the day picnicking here or enjoying one of the various seafood restaurants along the shore.