A land of contrasts, part of Barbados' unique charm comes from the old world happily coexisting with the new. Glass and marble offices stand next to brightly painted rum shops, satellite dishes festoon traditional wooden chattel houses, high tech SUVs drive alongside donkey carts. Bordered by the calm waters of the Caribbean sea on the West, and by the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean on the East, just driving from one coast to the other is an experience in breath-taking scenery.

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, each with their own distinct character, interconnected by a fairly decent road system of which the ABC highway is the main artery, running through the centre of the island connecting the island from one end to the other.

Affectionately known as 'Little England', a certain British-ness pervades daily life, from place names (Clapham, Dover, Hastings & Lancaster are a few) to driving on the left, roundabouts and afternoon tea.

Barbados is one of the most sought after vacation spots in the Caribbean. According to the World Travel Awards, Barbados was voted by travel agents worldwide to be the Caribbean's leading destination for 2005.

Barbados successfully hosted the World Golf Championships (the Barbados Cup) in December 2006 at the prestigious Sandy Lane Golf and Country Club. This was quickly followed by the Cricket World Cup Super Eight matches and the Final in March and April 2007. All eyes were on Barbados as international media, visitors and cricket supporters from all over the world descended on the island for the greatest event on the cricket and sporting calendar.

Apart from our sandy beaches, hotels, fine dining restaurants and exciting nightlife, guests to Barbados will always experience the charm and friendliness of the people as well as some major event on the island that appears to never sleep. This truly portrays Barbados as being the place to live, work, and play!