The Caribbean


A Caribbean vacation is known for its gorgeous weather, friendly people, beautiful beaches, and lively activities. Whether you prefer a quiet island off the beaten path, or travel to one of the region's more famous destinations - with lot's of attractions and lively nightlife - this comprehensive web site helps you plan the perfect Caribbean vacation.

Long been the playground of the rich and the famous, the Caribbean is an exciting vacation destination. Conjuring up images of palm fringed white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters; the Caribbean is so much more than this. Here each and every country has its own distinct color and flavor, which when blended together generates an almost perfect world unto itself.

Tropical forests, exotic wildlife, verdant plantations, hypnotic rhythms, delicious cuisines and a plethora of activities, all make the Caribbean - the ultimate vacation paradise. And this is just the beginning. The Caribbean beckons you with its intriguing past, its rich and glorious colonial heritage, its grand architecture, its diverse communities and a passion for life, unlike any other place in the world. Here tales of pirates, slavery and revolution mingle with the new and modern to provide a multifaceted atmosphere to savor and enjoy.

Whether you are traveling here with your family or on a romantic getaway,

a Caribbean Honeymoon, the Caribbean is the place to be. From luxurious private resort islands to deluxe resorts and hotels, you can find every kind of accommodation out here including budget and backpacker hotels. Enjoy a wealth of activities as well from sailing and scuba diving to windsurfing and so much more. And if all this is not enough, you can even try your hand at the gentlemen’s game of cricket, an English sport which has wholeheartedly been embraced by the people here.