Travel to Mazatlan is known as the perfect beach resort town and for good reason... 17 miles of inviting sandy beaches, world-class resort hotels, excellent watersports and beautiful golden sunsets. Located directly east of the tip of the Baja Penisula, a Mazatlan vacation includes charming Mexican ambiance can be seen in its open-air cafes, stylish boutiques and lively nightclubs. Bask on a stretch of the largest uninterrupted beach in Latin America, then take a stroll along the Malecón before a fabulous seafood dinner and exciting evening on the town. The best value to travel to Mazatlan is to purchase a vacation package by using our user friendly vacation building tool.

Mazatlan has three distinct zones. The port and downtown are to a, collectively known as Old Mazatlan, are at the southern end of a peninsula that separates the Pacific from an enormous saltwater estuary. To the north some four miles is the Zona Dorada (the golden zone), home to nearly all of Mazatlan's vacation attractions. Between the two is a long curved stretch of mostly undeveloped beach that serves as a sort of buffer between the port and resort zone.This separation allows the resort community to co-exist nicely with one of México's busiest commercial ports. Mazatlan has one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted beach in Mexico, with water temperatures in the 65-75° F range year round. The weather is very pleasant from November until May. Sometimes in June, and definitely from July until September, it is quite hot and humid. January through March are the coolest months, with typical daytime temperatures in the high 70's to low 80's. A vacation to Mazatlan will be a life long memory of adventure.