Most folks who travel to Jamaica already have a mental picture of Jamaica before they arrive: its boisterous culture of reggae and Rastafarianism, its white sandy beaches, and its jungles, rivers, mountains, and clear waterfalls. Jamaica's art and cuisine are also remarkable. A Jamaica vacation is filled with travel memories that will last a lifetime.

Jamaica is a tranquil and intriguing island. Vacationers are largely sheltered from the more unpredictable and sometimes dangerous side of island life. Those who want to experience a "real" Jamaica vacation, or at least to see the island in greater depth, should be prepared for adventure. Jamaica travel is filled with many activities for the young and old alike!

Most Jamaicans, in spite of hard times, have unrelenting good humor and genuinely welcome visitors to the island. Travel to Jamaica requires tourists to be aware of the do's and dont's. Simply check with The Hotel concierge for tips on safety and where to go and when.

So should you go? By all means, yes. Be prudent and cautious--just as if you were visiting New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. But travel to Jamaica is worth it! The island has fine hotels and terrific food. It's well-geared to couples who come to tie the knot or celebrate their honeymoon. As for sports, Jamaica boasts the best golf courses in the West Indies, and its landscape affords visitors a lot of activities that often aren't available on other islands, like rafting and serious mountain hiking. The island also has some of the finest diving waters in the world. A Jamaica vacation with leave you with a lifetime of memories!.

This country lies 90 miles south of Cuba, with which it was chummy in the 1970s (when much of the world feared that Jamaica was going Communist). It's the third largest of the Caribbean islands, with some 4,400 square miles of predominantly green, lush land; a mountain ridge that climbs to 7,400 feet above sea level; and many beautiful white- sand beaches with clear blue sea.