Ideal weather, impressive beaches, sensational nightlife, and completely rejuvenated in the early 1990's, travel to Acapulco has exactly what sun worshippers and party goers are looking for. Acapulco's beaches are among the most scenic in the world.

Visit La Quebrada to witness the divers' dangerous 136 foot plunge into a tide-filled cove. Or stroll along the Costera Miguel Aleman, Acapulco's main strip, past a wide variety of shops, restaurants, boutiques and discotheques. Almost guaranteed sunshine beckons travelers to Acapulco's sprawling shores, where watersports abound, romance flourishes and the party never ends.

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On the country’s Pacific Coast, Acapulco vacations boasts quiet, comfortable hotels, adventurous daytime activities and renowned night clubs. Puerto Vallarta is home to beautiful resorts, art galleries and boutiques. Los Cabos, noted for its "El Arco", a rock formation that serves as a gateway from the ecologically rich Sea of Cortes to the vast Pacific Ocean, brims with opportunities to golf, fish, shop and dine.

Nestled in between the towering Sierra Madre mountains and the glistening waters of the Acapulco Bay, Acapulco offers beautiful landscapes, tranquil bays and lagoons, green mountains, spectacular sunsets and nearly 10 kilometers of beaches with warm, clear water. Resort activities center around three areas. Beginning south of Acapulco Bay (near the airport) is the Playa Revolcadero area. Once the private domain of the Princess and Pierre Marques resorts, this long flat stretch of open ocean beach (backed by an enormous tropical lagoon) is now home to the Vidafel resort complex. Just to the north (between the airport and Acapulco Bay) is the Puerto Marques area. This tranquil bay is the site of a multi-million dollar self-contained development that includes Acapulco resort hotels, golf courses, condos, and marinas.

Be sure to see travel to Acapulco Bay, a curvaceous, mountain-framed natural harbor that rivals Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong for natural beauty. A highway descends from the steep cliffs of the bay's southern end, becoming the coastal Avenida Miguel Aleman, also known as the Costera. This is the heart of Acapulco's "resort strip" and home to nearly all of Acapulco's high rise hotels, non-stop nightlife, dining, and shopping. The costera continues north along the bay toward Old Acapulco and the downtown area.