Oahu - Hawaii


Most of our Clients fly into Honolulu, the state capital, and connect to an inter-island flight if Oahu isn't their final destination. We recommend airport transfers on Oahu instead of renting a car as most visitors stay in Waikiki. Car Rental kiosks are available all over Waikiki should you wish to rent a car for the day to explore The North Shore.

Vastly influenced by its reputation as a world-class travel destination, Oahu offers more of everything than the other Islands combined. Shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities here far eclipse those of neighbor islands. And visitor traffic, drawn to the island by its enticing beaches, big winter waves, super-sized collection of scenic golf courses and signature attractions — Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Hawaii achieved statehood less than 50 years ago. No passport required.

Many of Oahu's most popular attractions and Hawaii activities are located outside the city. Hanauma Bay, a world-renown snorkeling destination, is a short drive from Waikiki, just past Hawaii Kai. Sea Life Park is not far from Hanauma Bay and great for families. The Polynesian Cultural Center, a unique and perennially popular Oahu activity, is located in La'ie, about an hour's drive from Honolulu. Kualoa Ranch, near Kaneohe, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, near Kapolei, The Bonzai Pipeline and the Arizona Memorial (Pearl Harbor), the biggest visitor draw in the state, are all outside the city of Honolulu.